Spoken Lebanese

How often has she sailed in my dreams Mended my wounds, my heart, my soul How often has she held me in her arms Caressing that vulnerable child I keep hidden inside Holding my hands, kissing away the tears, That only she could see. She is my strength.
A world where everyone knows and understands each other. A world that shows respect, tolerance and appreciation. Such a world would certainly be evident of peace and relative harmony. This is my vision…

صور من لبنان ومنها نشاطات ثقافية، ومكان تركن اليه لتعود الى أساسيات أحيانا ننساها، حب لبنان بأرضه وشعبه وانسانيته، خاصة بان لبناننا، لبناننا الذي نحكيه، لبنان الرؤية ولبنان الاحلام والهمسات.