Mustafa Farroukh

A contemporary Lebanese artist born in Beirut in the year 1901. A graduate of the Royal College of Fine Arts in Rome on the year 1927.

After receiving the Art Diploma from Italy he proceeded to Paris where he studied under famous French painters. He exhibited in the famous French exhibition hall known as “the Salon”.

Farroukh - Window to snow

Returned to Beirut in the year 1932 and held several exhibitions of which were a large one at the American University of Beirut and another at the school of Arts & Crafts. To spread the knowledge of Fine Arts in Lebanon he started teaching at the American University of Beirut, Teachers Training school, and started lecturing at the “Cenacle Libanais.”

Farroukh is noted for his clear colors and his Historic and National subjects. With a special care to study the spirit of Nature and the Character of people with the purpose of recreating the local context. He is in full control of his Art as a result of his deep understanding of the basic rules and strength of the painting profession.

In 1940 he Exhibited his paintings in the International Exhibition in New York and his name was registered in the Benezit International Dictionary of Art in the year 1950. He is the founder of a unique revolutionary school of Arts recognized by leaders of the Cultural world locally and abroad.

He died after a severe sickness in 1957. His total paintings were more than 2000 sold to collectors Inside and outside the Lebanon. He wrote five books: “Bilad AL Majd Almafkoud”, “the story of a person from Lebanon”, “Art & Life”, “woujouh el Asr” and “Tariki Ila Alfan”.

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