The Modern Understanding of Islam


“Killing is absolutely forbidden in Islam … “

“Honesty is a must …”

“Obeying mothers and fathers is a must … a big fault and offence to reproach or reprimand them, not even to say to them angrily (ouff…)”

Mustafa H. Al-Wadi, Author

The modern understanding of Islam is a book, I saw by chance, when I was programming a computer owned by the author, Mr. Mustafa Al Wadi. He offered me a copy and I was happy with it. When I went home, I read a part of it. It was very interesting and rich with its contents. Curiosity pressed on me and forced me to question the author personally about the reason that convinced him to compose such a book.

My question was as follows:

Q – Mr. Mustafa your book has given me the ambition to ask you about the cause that encouraged you to compose such an admirable book where you surely spent a lot of time in fulfilling this project?

A1 – during my long life (b.1920), I found so many curious behaviors and different understandings. Besides very large groups in this world who ignore religion rules that lead them to happiness. We take for example the Islamic religion, very large groups have ambiguous notions that this religion calls for killing and terror. This imagination creates hatred and disgust among them. So they hate anything that is connected to Islam. Personally I felt very distressed and angry from a certain moslem group that has not reached the medium level of education to to step forward and appoint themselves to teach people the rules of Islam in a manner which can be considered below any standard of teaching. Their teachings are therefore inappropriate and cause harm to others and to their companions.

A2 – we have millions of our children in Europe, America, Asia, etc… who are there to gain education, Arts, Technical knowledge, etc …but unfortunately they did not receive their religious education. So they know nothing about their religion that calls for good behavior and the right way to deal with others.

A3 – I wrote this book in a simplified way just only to give chance to them to understand the correct behavior of Islam and to prove that it’s not all a terror or acts of destruction. No, this book shows the way of good behavior, honesty, etc… as to killing it’s absolutely forbidden in Islam, especially to innocent people; self defense is surely permitted but in lawful way.
Honesty is a must, heirs must have their legal shares, poor people must be helped and this is why the Islam religion has asserted that (Zakat) in Arabic, means Alms Tax, to be given yearly out of their wealth and the amount defined to two percent from their wealth to poor families yearly. (Riba) in Arabic, means interest, is absolutely prohibited by all means.
Obeying mothers and fathers is a must and obligatory especially when they reach old age, it’s also a big fault and offence to reproach or reprimand them, not even to say to them angrily (ouff…), respect must be always shown to them.

This is a very brief cause I give to you, where there are so many things that are very important in life should be taken into consideration.


The Author

MUSTAFA Ibn “Sheikh Hussein Mahmoud Al-Wadi (1860 – 1939)”

Born in 1920 – Lebanese Nationality


Religion and Cosmology Researcher
Dedicated all efforts to write subject concerning Virtue and Good behavior


Established in the early 50’s
Jordanian International Airlines
and presided the Board of Directors

– Extracts from Readers’ letters of appreciation to the author:

  • This book almost gives everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Islam. Thomas Green.
  • Hefty, information packed, it has everything you need to know; specific details in law: Heritage, marriage, divorce, lactation of children of divorced couple, divorce women rights, trusts preservation etc … It’s a very valuable book. Charles Dowey.
  • I don’t know when I have been so moved by a book. The Modern Understanding of Islam is a masterpiece in simplicity.I consider it as a guide to virtue. Edward Nelson.

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