Test if you are an ancient mariner

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It’s possible now to test yourself if you are decsended from the the ancient mariners: the Phoenicians, or simply migrated from another part of the world. National Geographic Magazine sponsor an anthropoligial project which helps the researches, including Pierre A. Zalloua in Beirut, to determine by DNA tests taken from a painless swap from your face.

Earlier the NGM wrote “With mountains to their backs and the sea spreading before them, the Phoenicians left a line of settlements along what is now the coast of Lebanon, Syria, and Israel. Tyre, once the most powerful of their cities, possessed features that Phoenician colonists sought again and again when settling on foreign shores: a defensible island, a protected anchorage, and easy access to agricultural fields on the mainland. Sidon, another great port, provided evidence of a revolutionary Phoenician development: the world’s earliest alphabet.