Driving wedges all the time

And do you think that the Lebanese lived ever in peace on an island in a sea of enemies. Take a look again and read “Lebanon Through the Ages Part II: Medieval Lebanon”, published on Thursday, 08 November 2007, written by R. Scott Peoples at Bits of News. Here is an excerpt:

image from Bits of News

Sultan Selim had little time for attempting to crack the tough nut of Lebanese independence enthusiasts, so he did what a smart politician does and cut a deal with them: to Fakhr al-din al-Maani, a leader from an old Druze family, and his fief-holding buddies, Selim conferred autonomous privileges, and demanded of the Lebanese only a rather modest tribute. Later Ottoman rulers would think the better of this arrangement, and the next three centuries are a history filled with attempts by the various Lebanese factions to unite against the Turks, even as those same Turks are doing everything in their power to drive wedges into every little alliance-crack they see.
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