A dream – Lebanese train from Beirut to Paris

تران حتى بهونولولو

The last time a train has traveled to Lebanon, it was in 1995. In 1991, there had been that “Peace Train”, which had sprung from Beirut to Byblos, as a symbol of the resurrection of the country. Then nothing, or very little.

Some people still want to believe and projects are regularly updated. One proposes to reactivate the line Beirut-Jounieh-Chekka, Beirut Antelias, Jiye Jounieh, Jounieh-Chekka, or Aboudiyé Tripoli, or the Syrian border … Nice projects, which remain a dead letter in the absence of political will.

Bechara Hanna Assi, president of the union of railways, has a dream. It does not necessarily require that the Taurus Express, linking Paris to Beirut, resume service. No, every little section over which circulate a train, fill with happiness. Just to hear again, the train whistle.

Source: L’Orient-Le Jour.