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Whenever you think about Lebanon, the first thing that pops into your head is “tabbouleh”, “hummus”, or “dabkeh”. Those are the top 3 things associated with the Lebanese culture, but have you thought about other elements that would shape the modern Lebanese culture as we know it? Indeed, the following 12 slang words have shaped the Lebanese culture.

  1. Rammeshlu: which is “blink” in English. It means to turn on and off your car lights when you’re driving fast and want to cut the other cars off so you do that in order for them to move out of the way.
  2. Hamshareyti: which translates to “my gang” or my closest friends.
  3. Damme: As in my blood, which is said to a precious friend (frequently used by guys).
  4. Shu ya eww?: which translates to “Hey you!”.
  5. Mlashlash: A person who is tired and has no energy.
  6. Kemekh/Semej: A very annoying person who keeps on bugging others.
  7. Sahsouh Al Helaqa: It’s a very well-known concept in Lebanon which is to hit someone on the back of their neck when they cut their hair (especially guys).
  8. Bakkaltu/Sakkartu: which translates to “I aced the test”.
  9. Tabashet: “I failed the exam”.
  10. Shbe’aa: to toss something.
  11. Bel shoushi: When a girl goes out unveiled.
  12. Karrousa: A road.

Source: 12 Slang Words From The Lebanese Culture – BarakaBits