Cadmus The Dragon Slayer, Founder of Budva

Ljubomir Filipović wrote at According to Greek mythology, Cadmus was the son of Agenor, Phoenician whose sister Europe was abducted by the Zeus himself, disguised as a white bull. Cadmus visited Delphi where he heard the prophecy that led him to establish the Kingdom of Thebes, with the Spartans whom he grew from the cow’s teeth.

After he founded Thebes, he slew the dragon, a pet of the gods. According to one legend, the gods were furious and decided to fake a dinner in Cadmus’ honor, where he was presented with different gifts from the gods. It was the necklace gifted by Hephaestus to Cadmus’ wife Harmonia that brought misfortune to the king and his kingdom.

According to the other legend, Harmonia was the daughter of Aphrodite born into the love affair Aphrodite had with Ares, behind Hephaestus’s back. And the rest followed. Harmonia’s necklace is quite an interesting item in Greek mythology and was mentioned in stories, legends, and tragedies numerous times.

After the necklace curse started functioning, Kingdom of Thebes faced civil unrests that resulted in Cadmuses abdication. Together with Harmonia, he left for the lands of the Eel People (Enchelii) in the north. He founded Budva and Ohrid in Macedonia and became their king. Harmonia gave birth to Illyrius, the eponymous ancestor of the all of the Illyrian people.

Source: Cadmus The Dragon Slayer, Founder of Budva