Composers in every Lebanese house and abroad

When Lebanon called the Paris of the Mediterranean and when canons destruct the cities and the people lived in terror; when the Lebanese rebuilt their country and when the Lebanese abroad surfed the websites for news; everyone of them listened to those composers or their influences.

Assi Rahbani and Mansour Rahbani brothers

الاخوين عاصي ومنصور الرحباني

Mixed the Lebanese folklore with western music and made unforgettable songs, musicals and some films which outline the Lebanese music.
The days of Fakhreddine on YouTube. (أيام فخر الدين)

Zaki Nassif

زكي ناصيف

His masterpieces are timeless, mixing the Lebanese village daily life with an academic study of the classics. During the war in Lebanon his masterpiece was second to the national anthem with hope to rebuild Lebanon.
One of the favorites also is Na2ili A7san Zahra (،أيلي أحسن زهرا)

Ziad el Rahbani

زياد الرحباني ابن عاصي وفيروز

The rebel. The Rahbani’s rebel who made modern music mixed with every genre including jazz and soul sentences. Imagine the Lebanese legend Fairuz aged seventy singing a hit played by piano. Many know him from his satir on radios, but he’s best with the music he’s written to Fairuz and most of the top quality singers.
Bala Wa Shi (بلا ولا شي)

Philemon Wehbi

فيلمون وهبي

More than 2000 music pieces for most of the top Lebanese singers but he made one of the most known strange mixed Folklore, Lebanese, pop, classical and a touch of Armenian, which made all the generations from small children to retired listeners swinging. Namely the Sanferlo (سنفرلو)

Toufic Al-Bacha

توفيق الباشا

He unified traditional Eastern music and Western instruments, Toufiq El-Basha is one of Lebanon’s few orchestral maestros.
Beya3 El-Ward (بياع الورد)

Melhem Barakat

ملحم بركات

Honest, passionate and near his character. You can guess almost every time if this piece of music is composed by this legend. Top singers in the Levant lined up to get their hand on one of his pieces. And he was hard on them.
Habaytek wou Bhebek (حبيتك وبحبك)

Elie Choueiri

ايلي شويري

His music is a mixture of romance, poetry and patriotism. Many singers used his music but rarely known. Loved by everyone due to the hope in his music and songs.
Eyam el-Loulou (ايام اللولو)