The Entire History of the Phoenicians

Har Phoenicians named the British island efter the tins mines they found in Cromwell.

Cadiz in Spain and many other cities in Malta, Crete, Sardinian, Corsica and Morocco, just to name a few, was cities established by the Phoenicians. That not everyone knows. History Time published a documentary about the entire history of the Phoenicians.

All started when they found an evidence of the Phoenicians arrivals to the ten mines in Cromwell, Britain.

Extracts from the documentary

… If a Phoenician city-state wanted to expand its wealth or influence then it would have to find other untapped sources of revenue and so naturally they took to the seas.

Over the span of just a few centuries, setting up trading colonies, all over the Mediterranean world in places as far away from their homeland as Sicily, Sardinia, southern Spain and probably most famous of all the ancient city of Carthage along the coast of northern Africa in what is today Tunisia.

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